Uplifting all peoples’ right to achieve their dreams.

Supporting successful communities.

Healthy communities are built by their residents. Small business owners, developers, and other local leaders are the engines of job creation and economic activity in communities across the country. When these leaders have the opportunity to succeed, their communities, their residents – and our country – thrive.

Unfortunately, the current financial system does not provide everyone with the opportunities they deserve. And, importantly, too many people – especially people of color – are overlooked, ignored, or systematically excluded from the current system.

This means these local leaders and entrepreneurs are denied the opportunity to contribute fully to their communities and our shared economy.

Grounded in our Mission & Vision we are working to transform the financial sector to deliver bold new approaches.


We help build inclusive and equitable communities by providing people access to the capital and opportunities they deserve.


We help build inclusive and equitable communities by providing people access to the capital and opportunities they deserve.


An economic system that respects and uplifts all peoples’ right to achieve the dreams they have for themselves, their communities, and generations to come.

Grounded in our values.

Momentus Capital is a non-profit organization founded on an inclusive culture that supports our mission and vision. Our values define who we are, guide our norms and behaviors, and how we approach our work each and every day.


Our partnerships are built upon teamwork and sustained through individual responsibility.

Intentionally Inclusive

We recognize that our differences make us stronger, so we create space for diverse perspectives and ensure they show up in our work.


Leading with integrity and accountability, we passionately execute all elements of our roles and relationships.


We are forward thinkers that inspire and support growth, creativity, and risk-taking with our communities and colleagues.

What we’re solving for.

Exclusionary Practices Creating Economic Inequity

Outdated financial approaches continue to exclude too many people – especially people of color – from equitable access to capital and opportunities, fueling the continued growth of the racial wealth gap.

Lack of Place-Based, Community-Led Solutions

Attempting to implement uniform lending products and programs across communities has not had a deep and lasting impact. Trusted organizations that listen to, value, and implement community-led solutions need to be the norm rather than the exception.

Disconnected Supply & Demand of Capital Between Investors and Communities

Institutional investors are currently disconnected from the community organizations and projects that drive real, scalable impact. This has created a key gap in existing capital, making local leaders unable to access and leverage it effectively.

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